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Our Mission

We will help our customers embrace and leverage IoT technology - to make a difference in their businesses and for their customers.

We will enable organisations to have an inside-out impact and experience - in their digital transformation journey.

We will share knowledge and guide customers who want to make their environment a better place by responsibly using IoT for the right reasons

Our Organization

OTON Solution is here to truly embrace and take-action - the time has come for us to go-to-market and execute IoT services.

Our team of creative and experienced individuals will be at the forefront as the IoT Integrator providing an end-to-end solution with the right use cases, coupled with justified business cases.

Our best practices are based on proven solutions and at the same time we will be playing outside the box to stretch our creativity to be the 1st to go-to-market with unique IoT solutions that are fit for the market

Our Strategy

The IoT wave is already hitting our shores and the early adopters will be the ones who will make the most benefit out of this technology.

IoT Integrator will provide the support needed to adopt, deploy and monetize the desired solutions for customers. It is the platform where device manufacturers, application developers and connectivity providers converge for an end-to-end offering in a one stop shop.

As a System Integrator, we bring together all these moving parts along with our services to form desired solutions for our customers.